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About us is the biggest Online Grocery Store delivering Pakistani, Indian, Arabic and African Groceries throughout Europe. No one sells more Rice, Spices and Flours online or has the experience we do. We are also one of the webs most trafficked online stores in Europe.

Most products come direct from top brands or their factories. Certain branded items like Tilda Rice come directly from Tilda, we never deal with any middle men. This factory direct policy enables us to save our shopper 20-30% off retail prices, since we completely eliminate the middle man and the main reason we dominate the grocery market online. We give our customers better quality for less.

Our large inventory will also mean you will always have something new to show your customer base and seldom have to worry if you have a run on a product. With over 5000 + Items in stock no one can meet your needs like

Our prices are exceptional because of the volume we buy. There are no middlemen with, We have over 15 years of experience in the grocery business. No one can match our prices, quality.